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Full-Service Eye Care & Eyewear

Come see what the fuss is about. Located at the heart of the West Island, in Kirkland, Quebec, Oasis Optique is a full-service optician and optometrist clinic, with an on-site state-of-the-art optical lab. We provide one hour lab service, complete eye exams, contact lens fitting, prescription eyeglass lenses, myopia control, retinal imagery, SAAQ Vision tests and much more. Visit our clinic to see hundreds of the latest designer eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Eye Exam

Periodic full eye check-ups are crucial for maintaining ocular health. These exams verify your visual acuity and identify potential eye conditions early on.

Contact Lens Fitting

Given the uniqueness of each person’s eyes, we take time to understand your specific needs before suggesting appropriate contact lenses. Our goal is to provide you with comfortable lenses that offer clear vision.

Early Disease Detection

Many eye diseases have no symptoms in their early stages. By the time you notice changes in your vision, the damage is often irreversible. Regular eye exams are the best way to diagnose and treat eye diseases early, before you lose your vision.

Urgent Care for Eye Issues

For any eye-related emergencies, reach out to us immediately. We’ll make every effort to schedule you for a prompt emergency appointment.

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